Iím very excited to announce that Tatami Fightwear have kindly said they will be sponsoring the women's BJJ Competition on the 21st April!!

They will be providing prizes in the form of a gi for each of the white and blue belt absolutes and some other exciting prizes in the form of kit for the winners of each of the weight divisions Tatami Fightwear are the leaders when it comes to female fightwear they were the first UK company to bring out female cut gis so it is very exciting to have them sponsor us.

Tatami will also be there on the day looking for your feedback on their products so this is a great opportunity to talk directly to the world's leading brand for all things BJJ and make a difference to female BJJ.

Donít forget you have until Monday to enter, donít miss out! Go to http://www.facebook.com/events/379492365394951/ XX