So i've snapped the radial collateral ligament in my thumb.

I received the injury 8 weeks ago by blocking a kick with the thumb. FFS!

Managed to fight 4 weeks ago and won but it caused me plenty of issues while preparing for the fight, thus, after the fight i went to the doc to get it looked at. Im having the op in a week or two using private medical so have a bit more flexibility in my choices.

Having the op is not a problem, nor the recovery time, just having the cast on for 6 weeks. I'm obviously not planning to strike with the injured hand while in the cast but i still want to be able to jog and sweat without soaking the cast, what options do i have?

The thumb has to be totally immobile during the recovery phase so that i don't re-snap the ligament or loosen the repair.

As im going private can i request the cast is changed every week so that it doesn't smell? What other options do i have?

Thanks in advance