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    Default Mobile phone insurance

    Has anybody ever had to use mobile phone insurance ive managed to crack the screen on my samsung galaxy s2 and ive been quoted 135quid to get it fixed. I was thinking of getting insurance on my phone through my bank then waiting a month then claiming but im not sure if you have to pay a big exsess. So if anyone has done similar could you give the best way of getting my phone fixed (and the cheapest) thanks.

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    check the excess on your bank account... for example the BOS/Halifax account has, i think 30 excess on most phones, but some of the higher range smart phones is up to 100... well certainly it is that much for the iphone

    i don't know the best way to get it fixed and working for a bank certainly couldn't help you commit insurance fraud lol
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    Best thing to do is get it insured before you damage it. When i broke mine, i got a new one for free. Hope that helps.

    Sorry, in all seriousness, may be best to get a cheap phone for the minute and save up. Would be awful to get in the shit over it. If you are going to get in trouble, you may as well do something fun like punch someone randomly. Or go joy-riding, that must be pretty good too.
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    My son spilt a drink all over my missus's new phone ages ago. When she claimed I'm pretty sure her excess was 30. That's with Lloyds.

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