Just a reminder that I am running a submission only BJJ comp (with gi) at the NEC as part of the Martial Arts Show on Sunday 13 May. It is open weight, but if there are sufficient entries I will split divisions at 76kg.

No points will be awarded – you can only progress through the competition by submission. Time limits will be set nearer the time (to make sure we can finish before the close of the day!) but will be at least 10 minutes for all matches.

Standard IBJJF rules for permitted techniques.

You may wear any colour gi!
So if you have always wanted to show off that red Koral, camo Keiko or that Pin-Up gi now is your chance.


There are entries in every division, but curiously the smallest division is the white belts. Plenty of blue belts have entered so it should be a good event.
Currently there are entries from:
Combat Base
Mick Shore MA
Braulio Estima
Pedro Bessa
GB Midlands

Entry will close on Monday 7 May at midnight (ie late on Monday night)

To enter PayPal £5.00 to: jonbroster@paypal.com
Remember to include your: name, weight, belt, academy

Your entry to The Martial Arts Show also includes entry to The MMA Show which is taking place in the adjacent hall – there is a real who’s who of MMA there many of whom are offering free seminars etc.


Huge list of stars in attendance including:
BJ Penn
Randy Couture
Jake Shields
Dan Henderson
Chandella Powell
Brittney Palmer
Alexander Gustafson
Kenny Florian

If you are an MMA fan you need to be there.