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Thread: 3RD Manchester Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open - Results

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    Default 3RD Manchester Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open - Results

    Many thanks for all the support. He has a sloe start but finished ahead of the schedule. Took us a bit of time to get used with the repercharge system. But hope we will get better using this new system.

    All The best Gus

    Now. Lets drive back to Brighton 6 hours to go!!!

    3RD Manchester Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open - Results

    Male-White Adult-Feather

    1st Emil Malczewski-Stealth BKK
    2nd Ash Stocker –Carlson Gracie Camberly
    3rd Luke Rolls-Simkin Martial Arts
    Male- White- Adult- Middle

    1st Rajinder Charl- GB Braulio Estima
    2nd Carl Thomas – Team Sukata
    3rd Arsen Gadzhiev – GB Lagarto

    Male White-Master-Light

    1st Ralph Jordinson-GB Lagarto
    2nd Clint Smith-Aspinall BJJ
    3rd Tim Evans-Stealth BJJ


    1st David Jenkins-Team Sukata
    2nd Charles Grant-The lab MMA
    3rd Andrew Vickers –GB Darlington

    Male Blue Master Medium Heavy

    1st Lee Gilmore – Combat Base
    2nd Chris Lewis – Combat Base
    3rd Stephen Fabia – Team Sukata

    Male White Adult Medium Heavy

    1st Karl Watson – The Lab MMA
    2nd Jon Dillon – Aspinall BJJ
    3rd Tom Peach – Casey Jones BJJ Shrewsbury

    Male White Adult Super Heavy

    1st Kevin Fabia – Team Sukata
    2nd Jack Wignall – GB Lagarto
    3rd Chris Henry – GB Lagarto

    Male-White- Master-Super Heavy

    1st Peter Noakes –GB Victor Estima
    2nd Scott Williams- Stealth BJJ
    3rd Adam Berry Combat Base

    Male White Adult Light

    1st Zenon Edgar – SBG
    2nd Mike Degan – GB Braulio Estima
    3rd James Nixon – GB Braulio Estima

    Male-White-Senior 2-Light

    1st Hanif Rehman-Combat Base
    2nd John Martin- Combat Base
    3rd Stephen Holt-Combat Base


    1st Pete Youds-Liverpool MMA
    2nd Mick Troke-Hybrid
    3rd Gareth Louth- Stealth BJJ


    1st Kevin Butler-GB Lagarto
    2nd Matt Condon-Steath BJJ
    3rd Matt Bell-GB Lagarto

    Male-Blue-Adult-Ultra Heavy

    1st Phill Clegg-GB Braulio Estima
    2nd Lee James-Combat Base
    3rd Keith Purvis-Checkmat


    1st Ryan Mckee-GB Lagarto
    2nd Mike Bates-GB Victor Estima
    3rd Premyslaw Szczepanski-GB Lagarto

    Male-Blue-Senior 1-Feather

    1st Larry LOngton- GB Largarto
    2nd Dave Kari –Combat Base

    Male-Blue-Senior 1-Middle

    1st Darren Falkingahm-GB Lagarto
    2nd Andrew Whiteside-GB Lagarto

    Male Blue Adult Medium Heavy
    1st Lee Wright – Victor Shaolin BJJ
    2nd Lee Simpson – Team Sukata
    3rd Liam Cann – GB Victor Estima

    Male Blue Adult Super Heavy

    1st Ed Ingamells – RGA
    2nd Gavin Scott – Royce Gracie Scotland
    3rd Sebastian Szyska – GB Lagarto

    Kids White Feather
    1- Harry Lockwood Combat Base
    2- Ed Kelly Combat Base
    3- Lee Jones Combat Base

    Jr Teen Yellow Infantil Feather
    1st Olivia Davies GB Victor Estima
    2nd Ryan Walkden BKR

    Jr Teen Middle Yellow

    1st Anton Turner GB Braulio Estima
    2nd Melody Zurek GB Victor Estima

    Juvenile White Medium Heavy

    1st Josh Dawes GB
    2nd Mollie Rose Baxter Simkin
    3rd Liam Holt Combat Base

    White Belt Absolute

    1st Zenon Ogar SBG
    2nd Kris Watson Checkmat
    3rd Will Cleary Combat Base

    Blue belt Absolute

    1st Jamie Taylor Team Lagarto
    2nd Kevin Butler Team Lagar
    3rd Tim Surratt Sukata
    4th Lee Simpson- Sukata

    Over 82 Purple
    1st Tom Aspinall Aspinall BJJ
    2nd David Minto Stealth
    3rd John Robinson Combat and Exercise

    Blue Feather Adult
    1st Chris Brown Lagarto
    2nd Jake Corrigan Stealth
    3rd Jack Young Alliance

    White Senior 1 Middle

    1st Dave Levins ????????
    2nd Phil Payne Victor Estima
    3rd Gavin Hancock Lagarto

    White Master Heavy
    1st Rav Daniels- Aspinall BJJ
    2nd Daniel Nicholson- Team Sukata

    Blue Adult Middle
    1st Lloyd Cooper Combat Base
    2nd Tim Sharratt Sukata
    3rd Ben Dowling GB Derby

    White Senior 1 medium heavy
    1st Dave Orritt Aspinal BJJ
    2nd Duncan Hawthorn Lagarto
    3rd Mally Day – Lagarto

    White adult ultra heavy
    1st Stephen Okunowo Aire Valley
    2nd Alistar Fidwick The Lab
    3rd Dean Naylor Sukata

    White Adult Heavy
    1st Lukasz Malendowicz- Lagarto
    2nd Craig Noone Sukata
    3rd Duncan Aitchison Combat Base

    Blue Master Super Feather
    1st Neil Atkins Lagarto
    2nd Philip Evans Ground central BJJ

    White Senior 2 Middle
    1st Kris Watson The Dungeon
    2nd Paul Gregory Aspinall
    3rd Andrew Breeze Casey Jones

    Blue Master Middle
    1st Ricky Johnson
    2nd Jamie Taylor Lagarto
    3rd Mark Ellis Lagarto

    Male-Blue- Senior 1-Medium Heavy

    1st Alex Cannon- Combat Base
    2nd Paul Douglas – Leo Negao
    3rd David Henry Mannering – Team Sukata

    Male-Blue Senior 2 – Middle

    1st Martin Ashton-GB Lagarto
    2nd Mark Toner –CheckMat

    Male Brown Heavy

    1st Valerio Souza – Cia Paulista
    2nd Thomas Hanlon – Team Sukata
    3rd Carl Fisher – Combat Base

    Black Belts

    1st- Ryan Hunter- Combat Base
    2nd Scott Pickering – Team Sukata

    Kids Rooster/Feather

    1st Aaron Singh- GB Braulio Estima
    2nd Alex Naisbet- Checkmat

    Kids-White- Teen

    1st Jordan Parkes-GB Victor Estina
    2nd Jak Robert – GB Midlands

    Kids- Medium-Yellow

    1st Brandon Daws-GB Victor Estima
    2nd Emily Moran – GB Braulio Estima
    3rd Lewis Shaw- Combat Base


    1st Luco Monaco-GB Braulio Estima
    2ndAdam Tyler –GB Braulio Estima

    White-Pre Teen- Feather

    1st Ethan Warner- GB Braulio Estima
    2nd Zanda Johnson- Aaron Nesbit
    3rd Micha Nasibet – Checkmat

    Kids-Super Feather

    1st Michael Treabath-Aspinall BJJ
    2nd Mark LIndes –Stealth BJJ

    Kids-White- Medium Heavy

    1st Amy Toner-Checkmat
    2nd Summer Mcloughin- GB Victor Estima


    1st Rebecca Purvis-Checkmat
    2nd Mia Bullock- GB Victor Estima

    Lagarto 21
    Combat Base 15
    Sukata 11
    Victor Estima 8
    Aspinall 6
    Stealth 6
    Braulio Estima 5
    The Lab 3
    Check Mat 2
    Simkin 2
    Casey Jones Shrewsbury BJJ 2
    SBG 2

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    Awesome day, great result for Team Lagarto
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