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Thread: Any recommendations for an MMA gym nearish to Wigan?

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    Default Any recommendations for an MMA gym nearish to Wigan?

    I live near Wigan and Skelmersdale. I am interesting in taking up the sport from scratch. Therefore I'm in the process of finding a reputable gym/club, as close to me as possible, that is willing to train a total novice. I have done some research and found quiet a few but they aren't so close. I would be willing to travel but only if they come recommended.

    Please give me some feedback on the following places:

    Fighting for Fitness, Golborne

    Powerbeck, Leigh

    Colosseum, Farnworth

    Colosseum seems to be 'The' place but I'm unsure how they'd feel about a 25 year newbie walking in the building?
    Fighting for Fitness comes across a little 'McDojo' but who am I to judge.
    Any suggestions of somewhere closer to home would also be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'd recommend MC Kali Group in Wigan
    You'd want the CSW class, it's Erik Paulson's (Brock Lesnar coach) own system called Combat Submission Wrestling and incorporates Muay Thai, Catch Wrestling, BJJ, etc. The head instructor at the gym, Mel Corrigan, is proper sound. I have Muay Thai lessons there. Highly recommended.

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    Check out Skem Thai and MMA Academy, we offer Thai, MMA and strenghth and conditioning classes.
    Thai is Monday to thursday, MMA tuesdays and saturdays.

    Check out or check us out on facebook.

    New members get a free week's trial, no sign up, no pressure, no contracts or pop in for a chat.

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