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Thread: Would you have quit this job?

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    Default Would you have quit this job?

    I was wondering if anyone else would have quit this job.

    I emailed an Agency regarding driving work, they then phoned me and sent this email:

    As discussed can you come along to our office at 11am tomorrow and bring your birth certificate, driving licence and NI card.

    If you are available next week then we can get you in to Glasgow Audi on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to start with.

    Our address is 6 New Street, Paisley, PA1 1XY. Will catch up with you tomorrow.



    Was not much of an interview, just registered with them and then said it is pretty much the same as what you did at BMW (which was a temp work placement in order to pay for my HGV licence) and we will start you Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00am - 7:00pm to start with.
    I started Monday and was told by Audi that I was not needed on Tuesday and they will phone if I was needed on Wednesday.
    They phoned me on Tuesday and told me that I was not needed on Wednesday, so I made plans and then they phoned me a few hours later and told me that I was needed on Wednesday and ended up changing my plans. I was talking to other angency workers on the Wednesday, who told me that you could one week you could be working 5 days and the other week only one day or none. When they phone you, you are expected to drop what you are doing and go into work, which put me right off.

    I asked at the end of shift on the Wednesday if I was needed on the Thursday and I was told no, so I made plans and then they phoned me up on Thursday at 11:00am and expected my to drop everything and go in. I told them it was to late as I have made plans.

    They then phoned me up on Monday asking why I was not at Audi, and I said well no one told me anything. I then said I quit as this is not what I was looking for, I need a full time job with regular hours and when do I get paid etc.

    They were misleading and made out that it was a full time job, with regular hours. Instead it was a stay at home by the phone, and jump when we phone you.

    They posted an add in the jobcentre website the day a quit, and then later chanced it to as when required.

    Both adds still make out that the job is 37 hours every week, while it was not.

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    Sound like a bunch of cunts

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    Quote Originally Posted by hysteresis View Post
    Sound like a bunch of cunts

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    Most Agency firms work like this company. It's not so much them miss leading you but the company who asked for the agency staff. Every company i have worked for used agency staff as they can't treat them like shit and use them only when they need them, they do not have to pay sick pay or holiday pay and even if they book you for a day and after a few hours there is no work most firms will send the agency staff home and only pay for the hours they have worked. Hope you find something better soon mate.
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    I've worked in retail for most of my life, when you start a job somewhere you get a contract saying "Monday - 06:00 to 16:00" etc, and you don't have to work outside of those hours if you don't want to, even if asked to. If you don't get something like that at the start of the job then I would expect to be getting asked to work all sorts of hours.

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    Yeah I've been hearing that most Agency's are cunts and fuck people about.

    I was told what my hours were at the interview, but not did get it in writing and had no idea about the stay at home by the phone, and jump when we phone you part.

    Thinking back to starting at BMW there was a contract with my hours on it. I was only back late when driving long distance.

    Also BMW where good to work for, while Audi were cunts.
    58KG (126 lbs) Wuss, the same weight as my 13 year old nephew.

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