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Thread: fighters training regime in scotland and getting affilated with a club

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    Only one journo there.

    Guess who
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stef View Post
    I'd need to get aids to get anywhere near 70kg.
    You cant catch it twice! :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Romeoblood View Post
    get down to 70kg and we'll have a battle of the MMA journos

    NOTE: there is no malice in this post, I just think it would be a laugh
    So you now want to be a fighter?, not content with dominating Scottish MMA with your various guise's you want to do that aswell.

    I thought you weighed more like 60kgs?

    Are you still working for Vision/SFC or have you been given the boot?
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    The comment about fighting Stef was a joke, I might fight one day, but I'm not gonna be calling people out, and certainly not stef, only met the guy 3 or 4 times, and despite the opinions of some on here, he is a genuinely sound guy, loads of passion for the sport - in short, not a banker, so I'd have no reason to dislike him

    And u seriously think I'm 60kg, I'd need to chop off a leg to make 60kg, have you seen the height of me?

    Regarding working for vision, I didn't ever have a fixed position. I helped out with the SFC where needed, at the moment I'm not needed as the new vision website is still under development. I may help out with that, but it's up to the guys at Vision, if they need my help, I'm happy to, simple as that, nobody was given the boot
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burnzie View Post
    You cant catch it twice! :-)
    That's a relief
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