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    I was wondering if you guys have ever trained any Catch-as-Catch-Can wrestling with original Billy Riley student Tommy Heyes at the Bolton Olympic Wrestling Club? Or maybe taken one of the seminars with Roy Wood at the resurrected Snake Pit ( in Wigan?

    (Mr. Heyes came from the same crop of Catch students as Billy Robinson and Karl Gotch, I believe, and only charges 2.50 a class. Amazingly spry for an older gentleman!)

    I'm a bit far away from these last pockets of Britain's ancient grappling heritage to make use of them, but I'd love to hear what guys a bit nearer think. Do you think it's important to try to keep Britain's history of native sub-grappling alive through training and competition today, and if so, what can be done to make sure CACC survives "last horsemen" such as Mr. Heyes and Mr. Robinson, and bring them more notoriety while they're still around?

    I know Brock Lesnar's coach Erik Paulson and Josh Barnett both swear by Catch, and Randy Couture was "belted" in it after the Toney fight, but as far as I can tell the most famous practitioner of British grappling is probably still Sakuraba!

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    Hi mate. I have done 4 of the seminars with roy wood up to now and they are really good. It was hard at first because I have a normal 'bjj based' submission wrestling background like 99% of people these days, and not much proper wrestling experience, so not going to my back took some getting used to.
    soon got used to it though, i would deffo reccomend the seminars, i'm learning a lot and roy is still quick as ever on the mat!

    i have heard of tommy heyes but i wasn't aware he was still teaching catch in bolton, if he is then its little known because i live not far from the bolton club and haven't heard this! if anyone attends the classes please let me know.

    its definitely important to keep catch alive imo, historically as well as for competition, a lot of the subs from the lancashire style would be forgotten if it wasnt for these original students trying to keep the art alive. for mma, bjj and catch together seems pretty awesome, stuff like erik paulsons csw have great grappling that is a blend of bjj and catch, so why not try to benefit from both.

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    I thought Roy Wood was the only guy around teaching Catch from Rileys Gym. The revived Snake Pit (Roy Wood) never mentioned Tommy Heyes when speaking of Catch in the UK......
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    I've been training with Tommy Heyes over the last few months. He is a very experienced coach in Lancashire catch as catch can wrestling and is an original member of Riley's gym, he has wrestled as an amateur and as a proffesional under the name of Gene Riscoe.

    His bio can be found here, scroll down to the profile for Gene Riscoe where you will also see a picture of him competing as a pro with the late Billy Riley lookin on as referee.

    Bolton wrestling club echoes with history, it's a must see for any wrestler!

    Tommy teaches every Saturday morning at Bolton wrestling club, mat fees are 2.50
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