So, itís nearly time for another Supershowdown and BC promotions have put together a cracking card headlined by an A Class bout which will see Adrian Wedolowski from Caledonian Muay Thai defend his shiny new UKMF title against Fighting Fitís Kevin Cottrell who once taught me a thing or two about blocking and keeping a strong guard without even trying. Seriously, it would have been embarrassing if not for the fact he was already one of the best up and coming fighters at the time, three or four years ago. The best thing about a Supershowdown show isnít the headline fights however, itís that any of the A class fights on the card could be a headline at any other show in Scotland or in the UK.

As if Mescho Dunko (11-7) didnít have enough on his plate already, what with running his own gym (MMAG) and training an increasing stable of upcoming fighters. No, on top of that he also has to be one of the top fighters at his weight in the country. He will be facing Aberdeen Muay Thaiís Jamie Macrae (9-4) again. The first time these two guys met Macrae took a points victory but Dunko has strung a good set of wins together recently so this oneís really up in the air. Iím really looking forward to it.

Andrew Miller (4-2) had his opponent pull out recently but Linzie Batey (7-4) was more than happy to step up at short notice, even if it did mean he had to start taking ice baths. The two will meet at 63.5kg. Bartek Miasikís (3-3) most recent fight was a points victory over Kristian Tierney, a fight which Miasik took on one dayís notice. Only good things can come from his scheduled fight with the experienced Stevie Brown from the Wossobama gym in Ayr.

The two co-headline fights for Supershowdown 3 are just fantastic. If there wasnít a belt on the line in the main event, Iím sure the promoters would have had to invent some sort of three-faced coin just so they could flip it to decide who heads up this show. Keith McLachlan has been getting a bit of a reputation on the UK Muay Thai circuit, and not the kind of reputation you get from hanging out at the back of a nightclub in a short skirt either. The boy can fight, and even when heís beaten up, past the point of exhaustion and clearly losing, he still has enough fight in him to keep firing back with a huge grin on his face. Heíll be facing Rung in a rematch at 60kg in an attempt to avenge his stoppage loss back on Hostile Intentions 5.

Before the headline fight, we will be treated to two of the most technical fighters in the country facing off as Gordon Smith (13-2-2) from Caledonian Muay Thai battles with Bad Companyís James France (22-2-1) in an ďAuld EnemyĒ clash at 67.5kg. The full fight card is as follows:

Brad Newlands (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. Scott Ferguson (Eclipse Muay Thai), 54kg Junior

Michael Anderson (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. John Jack (Eclipse Muay Thai), 55kg C Class

Martin McCann (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. Stephen Tyre (POS Fight Team), 61kg C Class

Timucin Yildirum (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. Allan Strachan (AMAG), 71kg B Class

Michael Murdoch (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. Kris Connolly (POS Fight Team), 67kg B Class

Mani Singh (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. Colin Murphy (North Ayrshire Muay Thai), 61kg B Class

Andrew Primrose (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. Scott Grier (Wossobama), 68kg B Class

Scott Morrison (Aberdeen Muay Thai) vs. Steven Ray (Fighting Fit), 77kg B Class

Kyle Stewart (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. George Morrison (North Ayrshire Muay Thai), 68kg B Class

Mescho Dunko (M-Mag) vs. Jamie Macrae (Aberdeen Muay Thai), 68kg A Class

Andrew Miller (Colosseum) vs. Linzie Batey (Dumfries Dragons), 63.5kg A Class

Bartek Miasik (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. Steve Brown (Wossobama), 61.5kg A Class

Gordon Smith (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. James France (Bad Company, Leeds), 67.5kg A Class

Keith McLachlan (Eclipse) vs. Rung Kharnphan (Sit Rung Thai), 60kg A Class

UKMF Scottish Title Defence

Adrian Wedolowski (Caledonian Muay Thai) vs. Kevin Cottrell (Fighting Fit), 71.5kg A Class