Below is a list of people entered for the Submission Only BJJ comp at the NEC on Sunday.
Please check the list carefully to make sure you are down.
If there is a problem, please email me at:

On Sunday we will begin promptly at 10:15 with the white belts. Please make sure you leave plenty of time to get from the car park to the arena last time I was at the NEC it took me about 30mins from pulling off the M42 to actually get inside.

If you are not present when your fight starts you will be DQed sorry, but we simply have to be finished before the NEC closes for the night.

Blue belts should be ready to go by around 11:00. Purples and browns will be later.

All fights will be:
10 minutes long in the qualifying rounds
15 minutes long in the semi-finals
20 minutes long in the finals

You may wear any colour gi you want, but please make sure it is competition legal in terms of sleeve length etc.

Prizes will be given to the winner of each division and the fastest submission of the day.

Event is sponsored by Masaru.

Entry List

Nicky Robinson - ?belt? - ?academy?

Ryan Broomhall - combat base
Daniel Scanlon - Mick Shore
Darrell Henwood - GBSwansea
John Hannay - Tapout KO
Jason Vant-Johnson - Mick Shore
Tim Taylor - GB
Martin Byrne - Mick Shore
Craig Howard D-Tec

Conor McCrory - Braulio
Russell Board - Icon Jiu-Jitsu
Jamie Hughes - Pedro Bessa
Daddy Kabuiku - Icon Norfolk
Mo Daryoush - GFT
Andrew Morris - AVT
Craig Burke - AVT
Marco Marchetti - suregrip
Luke Blythe - suregrip
Chris Paines - fighting fit
Kris Morgan - GBMids
Andy Salmon - Axis UK
Adrian Pincombe D-Tec
Lee Merrick - D-Tec
Neale Unitt - D-Tec
Mike Barnett - D-Tec

Nick Roberts - Lagarto
Ben Machin - Lagarto
Christian Sayer - Braulio
Adam Simpson - AVT

Danny Mitchell - AVT
Paul Cole - GBMids