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Thread: Assault or fair game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitchboy View Post
    A friend of a friend who I don't like very much decided to go train Judo at a well known club. He's one of these guys who has done and seen everything. If you've got a lotus elise then he's got a Ferrari, you know the type.

    Anyhow, he's your classic cage fighter wannabe who genuinely does refer to BJJ/MMA as "UFC". He's a big guy and I suspect he's probably a bit of a bully, although I've only ever seen him behave like a know it all twat rather than a bully.

    He goes along to a beginners Judo class and within fifteen minutes he's telling the instructor that he's teaching techniques wrong. He's making remarks to the instructor who was teaching some groundwork like "what good is that when your opponent is raining down punches on your head"?

    There is absolutely no disputing the fact that this guy is a grade A bellend. I have heard of people turning up to martial arts classes and behaving like this but I have always felt it to be a bit of an urban myth. Until now I have never personally known someone do it. Although I didn't actually witness this clown's idiocy, I do believe that what I have been told about his attitude during this class is accurate and that he did indeed behave like a complete and utter tool.

    The instructor could and perhaps should have just asked him to leave, but instead he insisted on having a roll with this guy seeing as he seemed to know so much. As you can imagine, it was one way traffic and it apparently got kinda nasty. My understanding is that bellend tapped very late and got choked out. He now alleges that he's been assaulted by this instructor and has reported the matter to the police.

    I think it's fair to say that this instructor did go too hard on a guy who was clearly nowhere near his level, despite bellends bragging. How do you instructors deal with this kind of thing? Does it happen often? Have you had a few 'friendly' rolls with know it alls with stinking attitudes that you have let go too far?

    Is it assault or is it fair game when someone comes into your dojo giving it large?
    where was this?

    Rarely I've had guys being total bellends but you get the Youtube warriors quite frequently. I find an a good squashing from side control or knee on belly takes the wind out of their sails.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mainsy View Post
    Knee ride face, switch to solar plexes, knee ride face, swithc to solar plexes, they tap out. Start again, knee ride face, swith to solar plexes etc. 6 mins of that can make someone cry.
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    i agree with mainsy as well.

    edited rest of post lol*
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    this is why i have a disclaimer that every student must sign before training at my club.
    no way this is going any where. as said earlier who is gonna step up and be a witness.

    i have visited clubs of various martial arts over the past 15 years and some of the stuff being taught is shite but i would never disrespect the instructor and question him in front of his students
    fair game imo

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    I agree with what you said, I do feel it's a bit of an urban myth. I just can't imagine someone being that disrespectful and that delusional.

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    I got destroyed infront of a full class on my first ever MMA session years ago for being a billy big bollocks. Learned the hard away and had instant respect for the sport and my coach from that day forward.

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    It could be viewed as assault but it would be near impossible to prove.

    It could also be argued that the instructor was negligent.

    I think the likelihood the Police take any action is slim. That said, it doesn't do the instructors any favours with his reputation. Shame, the guy sounds like a bell end.

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    To be honest the instructor should have not lowered to that level..... ok roll with the guy and tap him but dont try to make a point by hurting the guy.... everyone in the class knew he was a dick I am sure.... so a quick roll and a few harmless taps is enough.
    By beating the guy up the instructor looked worse than your friend....

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    Don't clubs usually require martial arts insurance for this kind of thing? So if someone gets dropped on their head and paralyzed, the club is covered legally? Surely this thing would be covered by that kind of thing. People are going to get hurt and (unfortunately in the world we live in) seek compensation for said injuries.
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