Absolute Submission Championships Results - Sunday 13 May 2012

1. Martin Byrne (Mick Shore Academy)
2. Tim Taylor (Tamworth BJJ)
3. Daniel Scanlon (Mick Shore Academy)

1. Steve Obe (Carlson Gracie)
2. Nicky Robinson (BJJ School)
3. Marco Marchetti (Suregrip)

1. Adam Simpson (AVT)
2. Nick Roberts (Lagarto)
3. Christian Sayer (Braulio Estima)

1. Danny Mitchell (AVT)
2. Paul Cole (GB Midlands)

Fastest Submissions:
1. Adam Simpson (Triangle 37s)
2. Christian Sayer (Triangle 1m 02s)
3. Nicky Robinson (Footlock 1m 04s)

A big thank you to everyone who took part and to the guys from GB Midlands who helped to run the event.

Thanks to Masaru who sponsored the event, giving prizes to the winners of every division and to the fastest submissions.