Xplosion Fight Series - Episode 01 - Thursday 17th May 9.30pm - Sky TV Channel 219 - MYChannel

"Xplosion Fight Series is the UK's premiere fight experience, showcasing the best of Muay Thai, UK1 and MMA!
Bringing champions from all over the world to the World famous O2 Arena in London (Indiogo2) to battle it out with the 'Best of British'
for one of the coveted XFS Championship Belts as well as the WMC & UKMF Title Belts. We have fighters from all corners of the globe including
Thailand, Holland, Sweden, Slovakia, Romania, and many others.... This is a fight show NOT to be missed!!"

In this episode we see the UKMF Southern Area Title featuring JP Donoghue (Semtex) vs Adam Donovan (Bangrajan)
We also have the Ladies UKMF ENGLISH Title bout between Lanchanna Green (Darlington Muay Thai) & Iman Barlow (Assassins Leicester)
Luke Whelan (Semtex) v Marco Bee (KO) & Alex Bublea (Romania) vs Masaro Glunder (Holland)

Tune in the same time next week for more hard hitting XFS action!! Thursdays at 9.30pm - Sky 219