I am match-making for the UCF MMA event being held at Charter Hall, Colchester on 23rd June 2012.

Historically this show has had poor match-making and not recorded results for many of the MMA fights held on this show. This is now going to change and I have been given the task of making sure this does not happen again.

I will be ensuring all fights for this show are matched evenly and fairly and that all results for fights are recorded on Sherdog and MMA Universe going forward. I have also asked the promoter to ensure historic results are logged.

We are currently looking for the following match ups to complete the already exceptional fight card;

* 84kg- 88kg Pro MMA 4-0
* 66kg Semi-Pro 2-0
* 77kg Semi-Pro 5-0
* 70kg Semi-Pro 1-1
* 70kg Semi-Pro 2-1
* 93kg Semi-Pro 1-0
* 77kg Amateur 1-0
* 66kg Amateur 0-1
* 76kg K-1 2-0

The event will be filmed and shown on Sky Channel 281 which has four time slots on a weekly basis.

Generous tickets deals and some purses can be negotiated. Local fighters are preferable.

If you have anyone that can meet the above match ups or you would like to get on the show then please email me on jackmason65@msn.com

Kind regards