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    Hi guys

    After joining up at d unit only a few months ago, i dislocated my shoulder throwing a ball for my dog on monday, i have previously dislocated the same shoulder once before 3 years ago so monday caught me by total surprise as i have had almost no issues with it. Naturally i am now really concerned about it happening again, and i was wondering if anyone has any exercises, advice for things to do when im looking to go back to the gym. I have been looking online at shoulder straps/supports but not sure if they are any good or a waste of money so if anyone has any experience of these that would be appreciated. gutted i cant get to the gym for a few months, but most of all worried about how my shoulder will be after it. any advice appreciated.

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    i wrecked my shoulder about 2years ago rolling i went to see big ronnie at the marine craft and he done a fair bit of work on it i wore a shoulder support for a month or so when i rolled it helped give me support until it healed up but i would reccommend you speak to sports injury person before getting one they would tell you whats best for you.

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    Hi Thaininja I used to train with Jon Nic etc. Ask them about all the problems I had with my shoulder. if it is a proper labrum tear it will never heal without surgical intervention. If you go back to training and it keeps popping out you will end up like me i.e. 2 major shoulder reconstructions. You don't want that, I would seriously consider surgery, you should speak to a physio/doctor about it, not the most positive note I know.

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    Hi guys,thanks for taking the time to reply.The dr said because I had 3 years between dislocations he wanted to see how I got on with physio before thinking of getting an operation.i must admit after the physio stopped last time I never did the exercises I was shown much,just did general strength work so think this time I'll need to focus alot more on strengthening them long term,I know it sounds daft that I never did them much but because I had no issues I thought I would be ok. Big m what type of support did you buy?im thinking about something to use long term for support/reassurance.u guys got any recommendations of sports injury specialists to speak to? Cheers again

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    dude if you have started training at the unit go see big Ronnie at the marine craft in Dumbarton he looks after us all from the unit i used a vukan one thatotally covers one half of your chest all the way down your bicep paid about 30 for it but it did work but like i say go see Ronnie John and the rest of us go to him with most things he will tell you if he can help you or you can.

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    Thanks mate didnt realise he was in Dumbarton,I'll get in contact after I start doing my physio.think I've saw the type of support you mentioned,at the moment I'm thinking I'll wear one for a good while,thats the problem with this injury never know if/when it will happen again

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