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Thread: Any Tips For Triangleing Huge Guys

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    Oh, an alternative option if you do get to the triangle position is instead of trying to get your foot behind the knee, stay in the pyramid position (feet crossed) and attack the reverse grip kimura on the trapped arm. I've had success with that against big guys.

    I've never rolled with anyone near 190 though... thankfully!!! -

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    OK.... 190kg guy!....The triangle is not the best tech to finish this guy..... but if you end up close to this position... cross your feet and put your hands under both legs and clasp them together under where you feet are crossed.... then squeeeeeze! your legs and arms!.... if that fails go to the arm lock!.... if that fails pray!!!!

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    Well I am a hell of a lot faster than the big guy and I felt like the flash rolling with him.
    I got on his back right away and tried to RNC him, but I could not get my right hand to my left shoulder as he was able to keep pulling my arm away from is neck. I then tried the sort of cable grip type choke, but I could not get it tight enough due to him pulling on my arm.

    I then tried to armbar him from his back, but he somehow got me on my back.
    What I should have done, was stayed on his back and kept trying to choke him, like everyone else has said.

    He even had my back once with his hooks in and a RNC on, and I some how managed to to peel his arms off my neck and escape.

    I like rolling/sparing with big guys as it is quite satisfying if you win, or do well enough not to get smashed.
    I also like watching midgets like me fighting huge guys.

    While he is by far the biggest guy I have ever rolled with, he is not the strongest. Two are stronger such as Big Jason and that guy from Europe who grabbed my lapel and lifted me up with one arm.
    58KG (126 lbs) Wuss, the same weight as my 13 year old nephew.

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