You are invited to the first Granite City Grappling Open.

It is a no-gi submission grappling competition.

It will take place on Sunday, June 24 at Banks o' Dee Sports Centre in Aberdeen.

Map is here:

Weigh-ins are from 10.30am. Matches start at Noon.




There are no divisions based on experience. So there will be no sandbagging! Everyone will get at least 2 matches.

Time permitting, there will also be an absolute division.

Cost is 15 per entrant, 2 per spectator.

Garry Christie and James McIntyre have agreed to referee.

You can sign up on the day, but I would appreciate advance notice if you are participating.

You can e-mail your name, club and weight class to -


A match lasts for 6 minutes. Points count throughout the entirety of the match.

In the event of a draw (including advantages), the referee will decide the winner.

The finals will have two minutes overtime if necessary. If it is still a draw, the referee will decide the winner.

The referee has the right to stand up fighters if they rule one competitor is stalling on the ground.

Winner will be decided by: submission, then points, then referee's decision.

Points are awarded as follows;

2 - Takedown
2 - Passing the guard
2 - Sweep
4 - Mount
4 - Back take (with two hooks in)

1 - Advantage point for close sweeps, passes and sub attempts.

All positions must be established for a minimum of 3 seconds for points to be awarded. When changing positions points will be given in ascending order - e.g. no points will be given if moving to side control from mount. Reversals are not considered sweeps. Sweeps must start from a guard position.


Legal Techniques
All chokes (except using the hand to close the windpipe).
All armbars, shoulder locks and wrist locks.
Straight leg and ankle locks (no twisting).

Illegal techniques
All neck cranks.
No bending of fingers or toes or small joint manipulation.
No heel hooks or toe holds.
No striking, biting, pulling hair, grabbing ears or scratching.
No touching the groin area.
No holding of opponent's clothing or using t-shirt to choke.
No slamming of opponent (elevated takedowns are allowed).
Fighter must engage before pulling guard (no just sitting and butt scooting).


Shorts or leggings.
T-shirt, rashguard or bare topped.
No gis or loose fitting trousers allowed.
No cups.
No wrestling boots.
If a competitor breaks the rules he will normally be given a warning.
If he breaks them again he will be disqualified.
Serious fouls, such as striking, or dangerous techniques will result in immediate disqualification.

The referee's decision is final.

There will be a medic on hand to deal with any injuries, of which, hopefully there are none.

There are shops nearby if you need to get some food or drinks after weigh-in.