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Thread: some of the wildest trolling ever

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    Default some of the wildest trolling ever

    this is outrageous, but theoretically rigorous. playing on naivety, to humiliate someone and cause mass offence. wow.

    Flamboyant tycoon Donald Trump has inadvertently tweeted an image of serial killers Fred and Rose West following a Twitter prank.

    A Twitter user sent a message to the billionaire saying: "My parents who passed away said you were a big inspiration. Can you please retweet (the message and image) for their memory?"

    The user attached the photo of the notorious killers, which Mr Trump retweeted to more than two million followers.

    Within minutes the post had been mentioned hundreds of times, with some horrified users pointing out that he had been trolled.
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    don't expect the yank to know who they were to be fair
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    Someone got Jimmy Saville pic retweeted the same, sure it was a yank dude...can't think who, wish there was something like google I could use but I dont have the internets
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    something tells me that Donald Trump doesn't know much outside of the business world bubble. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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