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Thread: new to BJJ

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    Default new to BJJ

    Hello all. Just looking for some advice mainly.

    My cousin and I are interested in starting BJJ. Just wondering if anyone has any tips for that first step/lesson. Anything that'll make that first lesson easier or what to expect from a typical session.


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    Have you decided on where you are going to start training?

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    well i believe there are two places in luton. morefire icon and Carlson Gracie Mataleao. not sure which one to go for, morefire icon looks good from their website but there again i dont really know what to be looking for in a good BJJ school. ive trained tae kwon do for years but have no idea what constitutes to a good school when it comes to BJJ

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    Expect to have your ego shattered for a long time, until you start becoming competent. If you can handle that then you will have a good time, if you can't you will probably hate it.

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    Don't overthink it or build it up too much in your head. As mainsy said, you will be the proverbial nail to the hammer for a while, but it gets easier and you'll be getting better every time you step on the mats whether it seems it at the time or not. Just keep plugging away and the results will come.

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    fuck it, every time you get tapped it's a learning opportunity. have fun
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    The first three months will be crap. You'll probably jack it in because you'll become so frustrated at having guys who look like librarians fuck you up. If you can get past this then you'll probably love it.

    Both the schools you mentioned in Luton are extremely good. You couldn't go wrong with either of them. Give them both a try.

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    Don't expect anything, just go and train. Both your options are great clubs with great instructors and competition records.

    The only tips you need: take a bottle of water, listen to the instructor and don't question them (except to help you with stuff you don't understand/can't do properly) and train hard (you'll be tired... very tired, but don't quit!). -

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    Oh and if the instructor starts showing you a technique that you believe wouldn't work if striking was allowed, be sure to tut loudly and let him know.

    Just joking, please don't do that.
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    Cheers for the info everyone. It's greatly appreciated. I read that post about that guy and his talking. I can't beleive someone would be openly that disrepectful. There's a time and place to voice your concerns about the application of a technique and in the middle of a class isn't one of them. It really baffles me.

    Again cheers for all the info. I'm looking forward to the challenge ahead.

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