Hey, I'm about to attend my first mma class next week however this post is more to do with s/c.

The gym where I work has everything you could ask for in a normal gym apart form anything to modern,lol. Even has 2 heavy bags so I can practice my striking regularly. I will only manage to attend 2 - 3 mma classes a month due to shift patterns at work n having 3 young kids.

What I'm ask for guys are some workout tips that will help me in my mma classes, I will be doing the big compound moves such as dead lifts, squats and so on, but is there anything spacific, for example (I was going to do this tonight in gym) shadow boxing with 5kg dumb bells.

I'm a noob to fight spacific training so any help would be ace, feel free to take the piss out of the shadow boxing thing, was just an idea though.lol

Thanks guys