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Thread: martin/kevin thompson

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    Default martin/kevin thompson

    did they fight last week? if so does anyone know how they got on?

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    They fought at Made4theCage - both won.
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    Kevin beat Rab Truesdale by sub in the first round.

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    Can anyone pm me Martin's phone number.
    He won't mind, he loves hearing me heavy breathe down the line at him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RabTrue View Post
    Yea Kevin beat me with rear naked choke was winning easily and made one mistake and got caught.

    Martin beat a big burly dude who was 0-3. No disrespect to Martin but it looked like a dive, also has previous for taking a dive, he boasted of this at breakfast, fucking hate guys who give the sport a bad name. His name was Alex Forman a think.
    Shut up rab u tool?! U r clearly a sore loser!

    Winning easily.. Ha! U avoided being ko'd and admitted so after the fight as the punch hurt u! Awww, poor rab. You then tried for long enough to get a take down.. Good takedown admittidly, when, u got it. You then decided to stroke kevins face a few times, trying to turn him on me thinks, at which he got up n heard u screem when he hit you, so saved you the pain and choked you, easily, instead! No disrespect, but Kevin was your 2nd decent opponent from ur 1st loss..

    I've never see someone look to dive a fight so much when they seen an opponent, even asking for calibration stickers on the scales he used! Ha.

    Now instead of wrongly assessing other people's fights/fighters, get urself back in the gym n spend as much time training as u do speaking shit on forums, n u will maybe learn to defend a right hand, or rear naked..

    Failing that, pipe down or I'd quite happily drop weight to show u a 3rd decent fighter.. Test ur chin a bit scene as tho it likes to talk s bit!

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