Escapes! No Gi DVD. BJJ Black belt Bill 'The Grill' Cooper runs through over 30 no gi escapes from all sorts of positions and submissions. The good thing about this DVD is that he then shows how to capitalise on the escape and make it an attack. 10 including postage. Google it and you'll see it has got some good reviews.

Sweeps. BJJ Black belt Andreh Anderson shows sweeps from closed guard (all in the gi). Nice attention to detail and the minor points that make the difference. 7 inc P&P

UFC 117: Sonnen v Silva 1 - watched this again last weekend and am feeling even more hyped for the rematch! 7 inc P&P

UFC 101: BJ Penn v Ken Flo. Anderson v Forrest. 5 inc P&P

Cage Rage 19: Mark Weir, Elvis Sinosic, Vitor Ribeiro, Luiz Azeredo, Paul Daley, Jean Silva etc. 4 inc P&P

Driven: The Jens Pulver Story. Signed copy. 8

Pride Bushido 5. Main event Takamori Gomi v Charles 'Krazy Horse' Bennett. A truly great event. This is the original Japanese version that cost me a fortune when I first got 7 inc P&P

Bas Rutten : Interview and fight highlights 3 inc P&P

ALSO:3 Muay Thai VCDs:
S1 World Championship Vol 2: Jean Charles Skarkowsky, John Wayne Parr etc
The best of One Songchai Vol 5 - I got this as it features Jongsanum Fairtex
4 each inc P&P

All originals and all perfect quality

The more CDs you buy, the more I'll discount. 1 off for every Extra DVD. e.g. 2 CDs = 1 off. 3 DVDs = 2 off ... so if you buy a few you'll be able to get one free. If you wanted the lot it would be 49 for 8 DVDs and 2 VCDs (no postage)!
I take paypal. PM me if interested