You absolutely suck. How did you blag your way into judging for the UFC you charmer... you have no business even watching it on TV. 10-8? are you out of your mind?

Bad Call

To judge Aaron Chatfield, who scored a 10-8 round in favor featherweight Milton Vieira in his bout against Philippe Arantes in the first round of their bout. Arantes was the clear-cut winner of the last two rounds after Vieira the first. But Chatfield was about the only person watching who saw round one as a 10-8. As a result, his scorecard was 28-28, instead of 29-28 in favor of Arantes, which turned the bout from what should have been a split decision in Arantes' favor to a split draw, stealing a well-earned victory away from Arantes. The fact such a bizarre score came down in the night's opening match seemed to promise a night full of wacky scoring, but fortunately, that didn't come to pass.