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Thread: Judge Aaron Chatfield sucks

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    What makes you able to judge him and his scoring of a fight?? I bet you don't even train/fight/coach all you do is sit behind your keyboard trolling people on here!!!!!

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    Imo judges don't give 10-8 rounds often enough. You have to practically kill a guy to get a 10-8 off some judges.
    I haven't seen the fight you're referring to here, so my point is not about that particular fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sengoku View Post
    Aaron Chatfield is not qualified to make me a sandwich. and yes it was a bad call that led to a stupid draw for both fighters. funny how 2 other judges gave it 10-9
    What a bellend! Sounds to me like you have too much time on your hands.

    Aaron Chatfield is a credit to UK MMA and I am sure he had his reasons for scoring how he did. Failing that shit happens. People make did you with your stupid thread.
    Dan 'Vybz' Welsh 63Kg Pro 11-25-0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flashing Blade View Post
    If the guy is going to slag someone off- he should at least make sure he does his own job right.

    The robots that spam this forum have better grammar and all round writing skills than the lad who produced that paragraph.
    "Philippe Arantes"

    Even gets the name wrong

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    30-27 to Marcello ....are you really that dumb Chatfield?

    It was clearly 29-28 to Reza

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simba84 View Post
    What a fuckin dick head thread do u ever put anythin positive on here

    Sengoku nothing you say carries any weight so get that out your head firstly.
    Youre the biggest hater on the forum all you do is moan like a scourned bitch.

    Aaron's over in Brazil living the dream, and all you can do is hate. This forum could be a priceless resource to a little cretin like you but you cant stand that people on here are making something of themselves whilst you spend your time thinking up the next dig at someone online.

    Youre a sad, sad case whoever you are. And I only see suffering in your future.
    Take a look around you.
    Do you have problems with a lot of the people you associate with on a daily basis?
    Have your family members cut ties with you or have little to do with you, only interfacing with you when absolutely necessary?
    Do you justify your behaviour towards them by reminding yourself that nobody loves you?
    Are arguments between you and people close to you a daily occurance?
    Are you affected often by road rage?
    Do you see it as ok to take decidedly more than what you put back in, in any or all areas of life?

    My guess is the answer to the majority of those questions is yes.
    Which is why you are bitter and hateful of even the things that you long to love. I feel pity for you, but not sympathy.
    You are destined to die alone, with no loved ones and nothing to show for a wasted life.

    It isnt too late though. You can choose to love, not hate, and your life can take a different path if you want it to.
    I suggest starting by deactivating your account, and rejoining as a generally more positive character.
    Dont be surprised when they quit; be surprised when they dont!!

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    You have taken "bite" to a whole new level dude

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    Quote Originally Posted by markjitsu View Post
    You have taken "bite" to a whole new level dude
    This ^^^^^^
    Co-Owner of and massive MMA Addict!

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    Aaron is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes too Mma scoring. He understands the scoring better than any of us

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    There are nowhere near enough 10-8 rounds given out.

    Haven't watched the fight you are on about, but suffice to say I think Aaron likely deposits more MMA knowledge than you have ever had everytime he takes a shit ME

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