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Evzy - are you trolling us?
Not really no, what I mean is it uses the same 10 point must system as boxing, which over a 3 round fight I personally dont think works as well in so much as its very rigid - kinda what I was trying to get at earlier re more open scoring if the 10 point system is used - i.e more 10-8 and some 10-7 for dominant rounds, where now most score a dominant round 10-9, you have to almost smash the dude to bits just to get a 10-8 - Maynard v Edgar round for instance. Maybe I should have worded/explained it better. MMA scoring has evolved but...its still so inconsistent at times especially with takedowns, some judges seem to score them even if nothing comes from them, when watching a fight I sometimes have in my head what I think I would score it and what I expect the judges will score it - when they differ the score the judges give usually aligns with what I thought they would give (not always, some do throw a zinger in there).

Was it Big John or someone who was trialling the half point system about a year ago in the States? Whatever happened to that? I thought that may have worked better / given more scope to scoring fights.