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Stevie you and Shaun proper hate each other. Makes me laugh, it's a shame the fight never happened when it could've.

Those fights won't happen. Shaun's in good hands and will be managed in the right way, as it is he's a novice pro fighting other novice pro's.
Beating the living crap out of other novice pros, to be fair ;-)

He's a great prospect and despite the facade, a really cool guy too. Another dominant performance on Saturday.
The whole card was excellent. A ton of fights went the distance which meant the event went on very late, but none of the fights were boring at all.
Some of the guys who I thought might have been lambs to the slaughter turned out to be fantastic. Okunno, Boult and Marcin were frightening. I thought Docherty's MMA looked superb, we all know how good his hands are but his MMA game looked sharp too.
Turner was pure evil from start to finish. It looked like a big brother putting a beat down on his little bro.
Macalister was good and I don't know why he was so disappointed with himself. He handled a very good opponent and took an impressive victory.
MC Ray was brilliant too and gave me a good laugh when he said Doyle hailed from "Northern Iowa"......we've all made slips like that, but no one minds when they are funny.
I have completely lost my voice though, totally wrecked my throat with all the excitement. Roll on On Top 7.