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From a fans point of view I hope this dosen't happen, if every top fighter in Scotland joins the Dinky Ninjas it takes away the possibility of some great potential domestic fights, with Whiteford joining them we will never see Whiteford v Turner and now Steven Ray will never fight Deleney. If Stevenson, McVitie and Henry joined there would be hardly any top level domestic match ups. Also the likes of James Macalister and Doni Miller started off elswhere then joined the Ninjas.

On the other hand I see your point, it is common knowledge that the Dinky Ninjas are the top team in Scotland and any Scottish fighter trying to better their career would no doubt be better training there with the top sparring partners available in this country.

Only speaking from a fans point of view.
If I was a fighter based in Scotland and wanted to be the best I could be then I wouldn't give a shit about what domestic fights fans wanted to see, I'd go with the best training available to me. Seems somewhat selfish, but there will always be fights out there for you, I wouldn't sacrifice my development for a bit of fantasy matchmaking.