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Thread: ***On Top 6***Saturday 6th October***Official thread with fightcard***

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeiranMc View Post
    From a fans point of view I hope this dosen't happen, if every top fighter in Scotland joins the Dinky Ninjas it takes away the possibility of some great potential domestic fights, with Whiteford joining them we will never see Whiteford v Turner and now Steven Ray will never fight Deleney. If Stevenson, McVitie and Henry joined there would be hardly any top level domestic match ups. Also the likes of James Macalister and Doni Miller started off elswhere then joined the Ninjas.

    On the other hand I see your point, it is common knowledge that the Dinky Ninjas are the top team in Scotland and any Scottish fighter trying to better their career would no doubt be better training there with the top sparring partners available in this country.

    Only speaking from a fans point of view.
    If I was a fighter based in Scotland and wanted to be the best I could be then I wouldn't give a shit about what domestic fights fans wanted to see, I'd go with the best training available to me. Seems somewhat selfish, but there will always be fights out there for you, I wouldn't sacrifice my development for a bit of fantasy matchmaking.

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    I know this, as I said I'm only speaking as a fan, fighters will do what is best for themselves, and rightfully so.

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    I get to see burner vs Whiteford every Friday it's brilliant.
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    everyone should buy a ticket to come to our friday sessions lol! admission fees.... 5! then we can all get a free nandos after it ! ahah
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    Hey guys, jus want to drop a thank you to On Top, Tam & John for having me on the show. I know it wasn't easy to get me matched a I had 5 diff opponents but they kept goin until I got one

    I've been around a lot of Mma shows & its safe to say that On Top is a very classy well run show. The fighters got treated great, it's the small things that make the difference like the drinks & protein bars after the weigh in where a really nice touch. The hotel is great & the show ran really smooth.

    Apart from me having the worst performance of my entire career & not showing up at all in the cage & only throwing one shot at a time, my hat goes off to Miquel, he took the fight on 3 weeks & still came in & won so fair play to him. I'd like a chance to redeem myself & show everyone that it was there & the promoters that it wasn't me in there last sat, so would like a chance to fight on a future show to show everyone what I'm capable of.

    Thanks, Chris

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    Thanks Chris.

    You were a nightmare to match!

    Hopefully get you hooked up again in future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maccavelli View Post
    I get to see burner vs Whiteford every Friday it's brilliant.
    Who gets the better of the spars? Lol, you must see some great sparring sessions with top fighters,.

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