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    Hi guys,

    Thought this would get the best response here.

    Does Marcelo still teach the luta livre at Kaobon?

    I am not from Liverpool, but visit the North West frequently and would like to get some training in. I am a beginner with some judo experience.

    Many thanks,

    Would love to train luta livre with the Kaobon guys

    Also are there any luta livre seminars coming up?


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    Marcelo isn't there full time anymore, but he's back in Liverpool in a few days as far as I know to visit and teach. They've got some top LL grapplers there though like Scanno and Etim, and obviously world class striking and wrestling coaches.

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    I teach a public class on a Wed night at 8:00pm Andy if you can get down just introduce yourself and ill give you whatever info you need about other classes and give you a roll www.AUTOSTYLEALLOYWHEELS.CO.UK www.BODYFUEL.COM www.ASSECURITYLIMITED.COM

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