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Thread: Shock N Awe 11: Harrington Not Fazed By Howells' Skillset

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    Default Shock N Awe 11: Harrington Not Fazed By Howells' Skillset

    Fred 'Fury' Harrington (3-0) of Phoenix MMA is all set to take on Gym 01's Colin Howells (2-0) in a welterweight tussle at Shock N Awe 11 in Portsmouth this weekend. caught up with him to get his thoughts on the matchup, and maybe a title fight in the future? Have you caught any tape on Colin to see what to expect?

    FH: Iíve seen a few of his fights. They all look like something out of a kebab shop in the early hours of a Sunday morning after 10 pints. Iíve got a good game plan, which I probably wonít stick to! You're both currently undefeated in pro MMA, but with very different backgrounds. Clash of styles is a clichť often overused in MMA, but would you say this represents that?

    FH: Not really on this occasion. Colin is happy to fight on the feet and Iíve shown Iím more than comfortable on the ground as well. My Jiu Jitsu is very strong now. I donít think it will be a clash of styles at all because we can both fight everywhere. Iíve not lost in any combat style for a fair while now, and I donít think Colin can end that winning streak. Iím happy to box, kickbox, wrestle or grapple him.
    One of many top fights in Portsmouth this weekend. Check the fight card here.

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    This ones gonna be quality.
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Bri View Post
    This ones gonna be quality.
    I don't like when it's your show because it means you have to bite your tongue!

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    Tell me about it!!
    I have to stay impartial, it's disrespectful otherwise.
    What I would say regards the above article is Colin's last fight was taken on 2 hours notice against a guy 7kg heavier who had trained for the fight. He'd gone up to help corner and then helped the promoter out.
    He gassed but it was to be expected. He won't gas in this fight though, I've broken him daily for 5 weeks so that shouldn't be a problem.
    Both him and Fred are very close in skill set, it's very likely gonna come down to who imposes their will first.
    Luckily I'll be cage side to see it unfold :-)
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    good luck freddy boy
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