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Thread: The first time you come across MMA

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    I rented UFC 1 from the video shop when I was a kid but I never really enjoyed it, I preferred wwe. When the tuf 1 final was on bravo my brother came through and said " come watch this fight it's crazy" and ive watched it ever since.
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    I first heard of it via Ken Shamrock in WWF, rented a UFC video (not sure which but an early one) and didn't enjoy it at all, much preferred boxing. Then for the next 10 years or so I ignored it until about 2006 when I started watching it on Bravo and loved it, moved to Cannock in 2007 and being as they didn't have a boxing gym decided i'd try MMA so I could learn more about it, started training at Team Supreme then when that split into UTC & Pure MMA i stayed training with Pure. Never intended to compete or anything but I fast became obsessed and have now done more grappling comps than I can remember, some low level Thai and 11 MMA (under various amateur rule sets) and the sport pretty much takes up my entire time when I'm not working, wouldn't have it any other way

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    Friend I boxed with had done a bit of MMA so I joined him one day in a session up the Griphouse, tried to knock everbody out with heavy bombs and got taken down and submitted in seconds by Paul McVeigh and headkicked by James Doolan ... spent the last 5 years trying to beat the two fuckers up
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    I found a copy of UFC 40 in a second hand DVD shop I watched the then started look at stuff on the net and found Sfuk and from there I see some stuf on sol so I contacted him and started training with him
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    An article in some magazine about UFC 3 back in the early 90's
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    TUF noobs the lot of you Back in the day I used to get scrolls shipped over by long boat from Greece which depicted muscular young fellows tussling in a form of combat known as Pankration!
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    One day my cousin called me to say he had borrowed some VHS tapes that would blow my mind.
    We believed Wing Chun and Ninjitsu was as deadly as life could get, Judo was useless, Wrestling for faggots Muay Thai and Kickboxing ok but no match for street fighting.

    He had UFC 1 and 2, from then Royce Gracie was God.

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    I watched UFC 1 round my brothers house on VHS in the mid 90's. Then in 2003 (?) Bravo started showing old episodes of UFC. I went on Ebay and got all the old UFCs, then started on Pride. I've since bought legit copies of those DVDs and have never missed a UFC or Pride since...

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