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Thread: Vision FC 4 "Evolution" 1st September, Kelvin Hall, fightcard.

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    mark handley vs ian possleweight is a good fight. both guys are tight on the floor. mark struggled to make 57, so fuck knows how he will be at straw weight. thats a good cut! lol
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    Is Bartek the big polish purple belt dude who does BJJ at the grip? Looks a savage and a big WW, would be cool to see him fight

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    Is the main card all pro fights? And what is straw weight!? 115 pounds, I assume?

    Looking forward to seeing Martin Donaldson get back into it and watching Bartek too!
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    Yeah main card is all pro, Straw is 115lbs, this is the first Straw weight fight ever in the UK as far as I know, possibly Europe. Will be a tough cut for both guys.

    Yeah that's Bart, his opponent is also a very good grappler and pretty experienced, should be a great fight.
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by staffie View Post
    Well done Sherlock, your clearly a great guy!

    unfortunately the new website went live but we left some of the card on it.

    Still got a couple of great fights to release.

    Trolls are awesome.

    Still pretty decent card.

    Check it out
    I assumed it was general knowledge as it was on the Vision site. I wasn't to know that I couldn't post something that was clearly available to the general public!.

    I didn't at any point slag the card if that's what you were referring to as 'still a pretty decent card'

    looking forward to the others that are to be released
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    Another fight added

    Shaun Taylor (Lycans) v Esteban Mendoza (Pythagore, France) WW
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    Great card, really looking forward to this!

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    Why are they fighting at straw weight?
    Fuck no-gi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gi-boy View Post
    Why are they fighting at straw weight?
    why not?

    Iain fought at 57kg (flyweight) with same day weigh in

    It makes sense for him to drop a weight category if he will have more time to recover before the fight

    not saying it will be easy like, i struggle to make stay at 155, never mind 40kg less! lol
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