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Thread: Vision FC 4 "Evolution" 1st September, Kelvin Hall, fightcard.

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    Who was the winners then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Romeoblood View Post
    over 5 hours in the sauna
    Your average sunday in rural Scandinavia...
    Making tables and eating meatballs..

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    1, Adam Stevenson (SMAC) v Graham Turner (DNFT) - Vacant Vision LW title. * - Turner wins unanimous decision (49-46) after 5 rounds

    2, Chris Scott (Section 18) v Krisrian Lexell (Stockholm Shoot, Sweden) - MW Chris Scott won by RNC in the second

    3, Graham Armstrong (Mataleon) *v Phil Flynn (Predators) - LW Armstrong won by RNC in the second round

    4, Robert Whiteford (DNFT) v Martin Svennson (Sweden) -Vision FW title - Whiteford won by TKO after 43 seconds of rd 1

    5, Gaz Pilot *(Predators) v *Jamie Nolan (Mataleon) BW - split draw

    6, David Stone (Glascote Gym) v Christopher Svensson (Hilti, *Sweden) - WW - Svensson won by arm triangle in the first

    7, Iain Posilthwaite (Lycans) v Mark Handely (Spartan MMA)- *Straw weight* - Mark Handely won by RNC in the first

    8, ShaunTaylor (Lycans) v Estoban Mendoza. (Pythagore) WW - Shaun Taylor won via RNC in the first


    1, Mathew Donald (Monster MMA) v Scott Mulgrew (Lions Den) 84kg* - Matthew Donald won by KO, think it was the first

    2, Peter McCafferty (Chimera MMA) v Ryan McShane (Mataleon) *62kg Peter McCafferty won by triangle choke with 2 seconds left in round 3 in what was an awesome match

    3, Mateusz Grabiec (Oban MMA) v Gordon Price (Lycans) 73kg. Gordon Price won via decision

    4,Owen Longrigg (Lycans) v James Scott (GCG) 73kgs* James Scott won via decision

    5, Steven (IFS Ireland) v Sean Mcinally (Lions Den) 84kg* - Steven Something (can't remember his second name) won by TKO (ground and pound) in the second round
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    Fantastic event, congratulations all round,

    As for the fights, Whiteford damn near had me in tears with his emotional acceptance of the belt. What a massive win that is for him.

    Turner fought very smart after being shocked a wee bit by Adam Stevenson's great start. Adam was excellent and showed he can hang with the very best.

    Ryan McShane v Peter McCafferty was one of the nest fight I've ever seen, at any level.

    Delighted for Graham Armstrong, really wanted to see him win.
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    Awesome event, loads of epic fights.

    McCafferty vs McShane was incredible, huge props to both those guys. One of the best fights I've seen.

    Donald was impressive, lovely right hand. Taylor awesome too, completely dominated Mendoza from start to finish. And his thighs give me the fear.

    Delighted for Whiteford, epic win. No idea how Svensson or the Swedes can complain about that stoppage, the dude looked like he was trying to escape the cage. Even if that continues, Svensson wasn't looking to improve position at all, just sat against the cage getting battered. Whiteford for the UFC now...Great record, winning streak, victory over one of Europe's best/most-high profile featherweights, and he's a wee bit insane. Stop feeding Aldo mugs like Edgar and lets see how he deals with The Hammer.

    Turner vs Stevenson was a good brawl. Great gameplan from Turner against the cage, well done to Adam for giving him a right good scare in that first round.

    Not missed anyone intentionally, just what stood out off the top of my head. Well done to Chris, Hessam, Rich, Rob, etc on a great show.

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    My predictions were horseshit! But I
    Guess that's why we watch! Im glad I was wrong cause it was a good night for the scots. Shame handeley won, don't like to see guys that miss weight win their fights.
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    McCafferty v McShane was definitely one of the best fights I have ever seen, and probably the best fight I will ever see in person.

    Thanks to Rob McCrum and the rest of the vision crew for having me on. Was a great show to be on, really enjoyed myself
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    Cracking event and super impressed with all of the vision team, totally professional from start to finish

    The venue rocked and had some nice little production touches

    My face is fucking killing though and that little bit on the front of my nose is kind of pushed over to one side

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    Awesome night! Rich and Chris organised a great show last night. The production was great and the delays minimal. And some of the fights were crazy!

    McCafferty McShane was def the fight of the night, props to both guys. Whiteford Svennson was over quick but definitely agree with the refs decision, Svennson wasn't going anywhere, it was a bit shit though, just walking out. Whiteford's speech at the end and most of the Dinky team in the cage crying was pretty emotional/awesome.

    Armstrong is a strange one though, he's definitely got skills, he's beaten some good guys and he always looks in shape, but, how does he (just my opinion) make fights look so boring? I'm not having a go, he's one of the top guys in Scotland at his weight for sure, and he gets the job done but his fights just look boring. Its maybe his style, controlling guys, or a gameplan I don't know, but he got the win with a good finish over a good guy from a good gym, congrats.

    Christopher Svennson is definitely a douchebag, why did he hold the choke on for so long when the guy was quite obviously tapping and Doolan was quite obviously calling the fight. Did the guy end up getting choked out unconscious? Looked like it. He should get fined a % of his purse because it was totally uncalled for and completely unnecessary.

    Rob and James did a great job reffing, agreed with all their stoppages and decisions. The slow motion replays on the big screens in-between rounds was a nice surprise, keeps the spectators entertained. The only thing I could think of that would of been good was just to have a timer going during the rounds on the big screens as well.

    Great fights, great atmosphere, great night.
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    Awesome show , cheers to Vision guys and all the fighters.

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