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Thread: Vision FC 4 "Evolution" 1st September, Kelvin Hall, fightcard.

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    Superb show, excellent fights

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    Someone fill me in, what did Whiteford say? Was Stevenson close to finishing Turner in the first?

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    any videos of the show?

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    any videos???

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    Gutted I missed it, this is the first show I've missed. Glad rich and chris and the whole vision team put on another fantastic event.

    Sounds like some cracking fights were on display.

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    Where videos?
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    Fights are being shown on TV at some point so don't know if they'll be online

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    Great show, Very well matched fights well done lads.

    Peter McCafferty vs Ryan McShane was amazing and people are forgetting that it was only Peters second and Ryans first fight!

    The Hammer brought it, Svennson can argue about the stoppage if he wants but he was not defending the 30 odd punches to the face was he?! haha
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    Well in Mark Handley. Never doubted ya!!!
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    Great show, well done the vision team.

    Couple things from my point of view, first fight a couple guys seemed annoyed at the stoppage, The lad from lions den wasnt defending him self getting hit with shots from mount, some hit the gloves but some got through he wasnt trying to improve his position and not intelligently defending himself. Not going to let him get beat senseless over a c class fight and 100

    Fight with Christopher Svenson, he diliberately kept the arm triangle on after the guy had tapped, after i told him the fight was over and even after i tried to seperate them, bit of a poor showing on his part. His opponent did go out after he tapped but was ok.

    From what i seen Peter mccafferty was excellent, seen him sparring at the griphouse last few weeks, keep an eye on this kid.

    Good result for Jamie Nolan, i expected Gaz P to take that fight, and with Graham armstrong winning, decent night for Mataleon. Well done Dean Caldwell.

    Shaun Taylor looked very impressive beating an unbeaten guy from a good team and behaving himself.

    Whiteford made a massive statement on the European scene doing what i expected to and jumping on Svenson, the idea of a bad stoppage here is absurd, the fence kept Svenson up or he would have been on the timekeepers table. Dont try and spoil a great achievement from Rab by moaning about it. Rab's ready for big things.

    Turner showed how tough he is again, he fucked a throw in round one and ended stuck under mount, Adam landed some good shots initially breaking Grahams nose, it was never near getting stopped though. The broken nose meant graham had to change up his game plan mid fight and win the last 4 rounds. Adam as everyone knows is a tough tough guy and kept going when a lot of people would have took outs. All the guys in our team have nothing but respect for Adam. Turners now got 19 pro wins under his belt at 24 years old.

    Guys at the show got to see 2 excellent champions getting crowned.

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