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Thread: another new Black Belt at Nova Forca!

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    Thumbs up another new Black Belt at Nova Forca!

    To those who know him, Judo monkey Dan received his well deserved black belt from Ricardo Da Silva on Saturday!

    I'm sure videos of the whipping will surface soon enough..

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    aw no love for such a massive achievement? Well anyway, this means we have at least 3 black belts at every class at Nova, which can only be a good thing, and worth remembering for anyone in our area looking for a decent standard of training!

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    Well done to him. Apparently when you get to black belt it's just the beginning lol. Doubt I'll ever know though.

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    OSS well done and also well one to nova forca in producing another bb
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    Congrats to him.

    Does he compete? Loads of black belts in the UK now yet there are very rarely any black belt fights in competitions?? -

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    I've definitely been to at least one comp where he's competed at brown belt.

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