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Thread: Fedor: Greatest of all time (GOAT) or just goat

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    Default Fedor: Greatest of all time (GOAT) or just goat

    Greetings people of the Internet I come bearing good news and with gifts of information which some people call happiness in the written form but which i refer to as my blog. Please read and spread as freely as if it was a STD Oh yeah this ones on Fedor.

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    Fedor was the greatest, when the UFC HW division wasnt that great Fedor was ruling the best around the world, without readinf the article il say that Fedor was the best but people have a crazy short memory, the guys getting on had alot of fights and isnt totally focused on fighting now.

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    Awesome one yet again, thanks for sharing mate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nimmy View Post
    when the UFC HW division wasnt that great Fedor was ruling the best around the world
    People say this all the time but Ricco did ok against Nog. -

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    Fedor is one of the best but not the goat. The defeats did tarnish him as did the fact he never fought in the UFC. Top 3 or 5 easily though.
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    Fedor never needed to fight in the UFC, when Fedor was in his prime through the bulk of his career he was fighting the best HW's in the world, if he had fought in the UFC during the Pride ERA then that would have been a real reason not to call him the GOAT.

    It's like this, Anderson will retire and some one else will have a unreal run, probably Jon jones, and all the fans that started watching MMA when he started fighting will say he is the GOAT, then he will get old and some one else will come around and have a great run and fans will say he is the GOAT.

    There is never going to be ONE guy who every fan thinks is the best ever because there are far to many factors involved, the main factor being unless you've followed a guy as a fan through his win streak you will never be able to see how much of a big deal the fights where at the time.
    So many newer fan will never know how anticipated Fedor vs CroCop was at the time, so unles you saw him beat CC you will just think of it as just another fight.

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    The thing we can say about Fedor is he was the most exciting fighter to watch, he always always tried to finish his opponents were say Anderson in some fights like the Maia fight wouldnt engage.

    As the mid 90's said there will be many GOAT's over the years but at this present time Fedor is my GOAT!!

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