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Thread: Pacman's Record.

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    Default Pacman's Record.

    It says on Boxrec, Wikipedia and practically every boxing website in the world that upon review, the decision of his last bout with Timothy Bradley was overturned and Pacquio was awarded the win by UD but Bradley would keep the belt, how come then it is showing up on his record as a loss?

    Surely it would go down as a win.
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    Wikipedia has it as a loss for Manny, as does Boxrec

    The WBA reviewed it and their panel of "experts" said it should have gone to Manny, but they don't have the power to overturn the result

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    That's not what it says, it says...

    After a thorough review by five veteran judges commissioned by the WBO, Pacquiao was DECLARED the unanimous decision winner by the panel. Title stays with Bradley.

    Surely if this is the case then as one of the biggest boxing commisions in the world they can overturn the result to AT LEAST a no contest.

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    The review said it clearly went to pac, but as there was nothing 'illegal' in the way the fight was scored, the result will not be overturned. It is 100 percent a loss for pac, with a immediate rematch ordered.
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    pacman belled me cuple weeks ago hes thinkin abowt comin to london an basin his camps here with johny boy coz i towld him that cunt freddy rowch is past it as a trainer an he needs someone with bettar techancal skills but can also spar him an knock him out in trainin so when he gets in ring hes seen it all were comin for mayweather gonna take the cunts pownd for pownd spot johny boy boxin takin over lads ko's for junior an haye next is pacman an my new fighter david price takin on muggy audley harrison hes gonna take that cunts fuckin head of fellas an johny boys next ruck is comin soon wbc world champ 19-0

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    Quote Originally Posted by yorkshire gripper View Post
    with a immediate rematch ordered.
    This bit MAY not be correct. He could be fighting someone else, it isn't very clear though because it does say that Pacman was DECLARED the winner, that should be re-worded if it is as you say.

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