Matthew Palfrey and Wes Murch discuss their new eBook, 'Sandbag Training for MMA and Combat Sports.'

Why the sandbag? Palfrey says,

“Put simply, the sandbag is awkward. It doesn't want to be lifted like a dumbbell or barbell.

“When people first try sandbag training they can find it incredibly tough and it often puts people off, but, get used to handling the sandbag, and an opponent becomes a lot easier.

“With sandbag training you get the same results as you would with most traditional resistance training programmes (like dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells) with the added benefit of using a tool that has specific parallels in MMA.

“The other great thing is that anyone can make their own sandbag and still get amazing results. We've even included a section in the book that tells you how to do this.”
Does top-30 lightweight, Murch agree?

“It’s absolutely perfect for MMA and let's not get confused, we aren’t reinventing the wheel or developing science.

“This is basic, fundamental training, but using the sandbag will make it a lot more MMA specific while at the same time giving a lot of versatility to training that isn't possible with weights.

“Adding sandbag training to your routine will definitely help you develop a new way of functional training.”
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