Hello all.
I have been for a gym induction today at the gym where I work and am after a bit of advice on what I should be doing to get myself back into it and ready to start mma.
I haven't been in a gym for years, I am a bit out of shape and not very fit, I have wanted to get into mma for a few years but work and money has made it impossible. I have started a new job now which gives me time and money to train and has the benefit of a gym on site I can use.
My plan is to get my fitness to a reasonable standard and lose a bit of weight then start some mma classes. I am a complete beginner and at 33 I don't have any big plans to fight in the UFC or anything but if I don't have a go I will regret it.
So, any recommendations for specific exercises I should be doing to get me ready? Any good program's I could look at and any other advice on nutrition, supplements, etc greatly appreciated.
Is it wise to hold off on the mma classes for now or is it worth going to maybe 1 a week and taking it easy? I am probably going to go to the Chester boxers club as it will fit in with my shifts the best.
Thanks in advance.