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Thread: Caledonian Combat 2? Would you be there?

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    Default Caledonian Combat 2? Would you be there?

    Opinions please?

    I made a fairly large loss on the night but felt that the venue and quality of the show was excellent.

    I'd like to do it again, and I'm just gauging interest with a quick post here to see what clubs that were at CC1 would like to return to Inverness, or what clubs have seen images / videos of the night and want to be involved.

    Basically, gimme a shout and an indication of tickets you reckon you could take on in a ticket deal and I'll talk it over with the venue and see what we can do to get a better deal from them 2nd time around.

    I really enjoyed doing the show, and would love to do it again but not at a huge personal loss, so, who'd support another show in Inverness with fighters and tickets?



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    I have heard nothing but good things about the show, so i would most certainly be at CC2

    I was gutted to miss the first one
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    To be honest Inverness is pretty far out the road, i would only go if it was stacked or lots of my mates from the gym were fighting

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    Make good fights and the place will sell by itself. It is a trek but I reckon if you had enough Pro fights for people to get interested in then it would do well. Remember that is your first event so no-one will really know you, once you get known then you can start to get more and more sponsors involved etc and generate a bit more cash. Most business lose in their first couple of years.
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    Set up and venue were great, guys thought of everything and I couldn't fault the show.
    I would recommend it to any teams.
    Hope you run another one Gav.
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by staffie View Post
    Set up and venue were great, guys thought of everything and I couldn't fault the show.
    I would recommend it to any teams.
    Hope you run another one Gav.
    Well said! This show was really well ran and the fights were of good quality, I'd have no hesitation in coming back and i'm sure we would have more fighters for you.

    Well done Gav

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    yeah iv only heard good things about the show and from the pics and videos it looked like a great night and hopefully next time I will get a chance to fight on it, well done mate

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    Some of us made the trip from Aberdeen for the show. It was really well put together. I'd like to think some guys from GCG would be up for competing on the next one, if there is one.

    I don't know if there is any way of downsizing and running a smaller show to build it up?

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    I thought it was an excellent show and a lovely venue. Fighters/teams were particularly well taken care of and the show seemed to run very smoothly (the seminars were a nice touch too). Shooter's Dundee would be delighted to appear again mate. :-)

    The only suggestion I would make would be that I felt the gloves used were a little too padded, even for C Class, and I know several other people felt the same. A different make/design of glove would mean more exciting fights and quicker finishes both on the feet and on the ground in my opinion.
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    Defo recommend the show, only thing thats a bit shit is the fact its miles away lol but definately worth the journey though fought on a good few different shows now and its 1 of the best ive been treated everything was well organised, i had my own changing room tht had water, energy juice, a crate of protein kinetica bottles. Warm up area was huge compared to some sho ws. Was paid straight after fight, hotel was good especially the breakfast ha also cage, venue, crowd just everything was really good look forward to next 1 and if im not fighting id defo be up for helping out in anyway. Thanks again.

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