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I think Ireland at New Years will be a laugh.
Now I've just got to talk one of the fighters into dieting over Xmas!!!

First time poster here, long time lurker.

I live in Dublin and will probably be going to this, here's a few things you guys should know about NYE in Dublin.

It's like the Wild Fcuking West, NYE and Paddy's Day see's all the scumbags come out to play so keep your wits about you. If you're going to book a hotel try and make it near to the venue.

IF it's the same venue as last time (The Helix) be aware that it's not in the most desirable part of the city, so just popping into a random pub in Finglas/Ballymun could be a very bad idea.

Taxi's on NYE are triple time and rarer than Rocking horse shit, fine every other night but NYE is just crazy for getting a cab.

Best bet would be to make sure your hotel has a bar and stay there.