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Thread: New Years Eve Cage Warriors Dublin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Bri View Post
    I think Ireland at New Years will be a laugh.
    Now I've just got to talk one of the fighters into dieting over Xmas!!!

    First time poster here, long time lurker.

    I live in Dublin and will probably be going to this, here's a few things you guys should know about NYE in Dublin.

    It's like the Wild Fcuking West, NYE and Paddy's Day see's all the scumbags come out to play so keep your wits about you. If you're going to book a hotel try and make it near to the venue.

    IF it's the same venue as last time (The Helix) be aware that it's not in the most desirable part of the city, so just popping into a random pub in Finglas/Ballymun could be a very bad idea.

    Taxi's on NYE are triple time and rarer than Rocking horse shit, fine every other night but NYE is just crazy for getting a cab.

    Best bet would be to make sure your hotel has a bar and stay there.

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    Thanks for the advice and I don't want to tempt fate but I think I'll be ok
    I've been to Wales before and they have Zombies and I just about survived that.
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    Another addition to the prelims

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    Interview with Paul Redmond

    It has been a great few months for you, coming off 2 very impressive wins in Cage Warriors, both by finish, can you talk to us about this?

    Yeah, Iíve been putting alot of hours on the mats, the gym nutrition, strength and training and I think itís really starting to show. I think people are just starting to notice me now because Iím fighting on such a big show like Cage Warriors

    It seems to us, that you have come on leaps and bounds in the last 9 months, would you say this is the case, or is it like you say just a case of people finally noticing?

    I agree, I think I have improved the past year or so and itís all been down to the team Iím with our coach Andy is brilliant and with some of the best in Europe in Neil Seery, John Donnelly etc and you can only get better with people like that in the gym.

    If youíre not improving then other fighters will just pass you by and youíll get left behind

    This has been a great year for you and for Team Ryano, what goals, if any, have you set for yourself for 2013?

    Well Iím not looking past my next opponent in Ryan Roddy. Heís unbeaten in his pro career so Iím just focused on that at the minute.

    As far as 2013, Iím hoping to get to the states again to train, as Iíve been in American Top Team in 2011 and just learned so much but in fighting I just want to keep putting on good fights on Cage Warriors and who knows from there.

    Talk to us about your record on Sherdog, youíre listed as 4-3 as a professional, but they have listed 2 wins as Amateur fights, even thought they took place after youíre 1st listed Pro fight, is this correct?

    All my fights that are on Sherdog are professional, even if listed as amateur.

    I am 5-3 as a pro, as one promotion still havenít posted my results on Sherdog from a fight in Wrexham, Wales last yearÖ very frustrating

    It has just been announced that youíre fighting at Cage Warriors 51, What do you know about your upcoming opponent Ryan Roddy?

    Not a whole lot. I know heís a purple belt in jits, heís unbeaten, and heís beaten some tough guys in Ali McLean, Dec Larkin etc
    More at

    Interview with Ryan Roddy

    Your Sherdog record lists you as 3-0, but youíre actually 5-0, talk to us about the two wins not listed on Sherdog.

    ďYeah Iím my record is a little messed up on there, I had my first fight at 18 which was professional (polish guy, need to find the spelling) then went back and had my second fight was semi pro (against Ali McLean) then back to pro from there on out, so 1 semi pro and 5 pro.

    The fights that are not on there are my last 2, one against Bobby McVitie 2 years ago and one against a Latvian guy just 3 weeks ago, named Roberts Shukjins.Ē

    Do you know much about your upcoming opponent Paul ĎRedserí Redmond?

    ďYeah Iíve watched all his fights that I could find, he looked impressive in both his last outings on Cage Warriors, actually worryingly impressive against Lewis long lol but sure thatís the fights you want, to be tested against good guys and see where you stand!Ē

    ďIíd also have to say that starting my career in Ireland and following the scene from England Iíve always looked up the Team Ryano guys, Andy Ryan is only Irelandís second home grown BJJ black belts and so he has done loads for the Irish scene.Ē

    ďWhen I attended events back home I always enjoyed watching Neil seery and John Donnelly fight, and so to fight one of their guys is great for me to test myself!Ē

    You took a couple of years out of MMA before returning last month, why was this?

    ďI never actually stopped training but I wanted to focus on completing my final year at uni and graduating and MMA doesnít pay too many bills lolĒ

    ďIím training full time now since I left university in the summer of 2011″
    More at -

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    I know why the UFC will never do a New Year's Eve event, but I LOVE mma on that day of the year. Can't wait for the 10 hour Glory event from Japan this year. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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