Should amateurs be paid a purse - yes or no?

The very definition of amateur means they should not be paid, as in all other amateur sports. So, if you think amateur mma fighters who fight under whatever interpretation of rules you wish, should or should not be paid a purse, all I'm asking is what are your reasons.

Personally, I think it makes a mockery of the sport when amateurs are requesting a purse to fight, whether no headshots, NSAC/UAR rules, if the sport is to move forward in recognition and professionailm, there needs to be a clear definition between the two codes, and that includes a sound amateur base just like in boxing.

Amateur ranks are deemed as the lace to learn your trade. Professional is where you're supposed to get paid.

Promoters I feel should stop paying purses for amateurs. By all means cover expenses for travel and give ticket deals, but advertising purses for amateurs is a farce. Just look at Find A Fight to see the amount of adverts on there.

What is the justification for paying an amateur to fight?

Look forward to constructive comments from you folks.