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Thread: Amateurs getting paid - right or wrong?

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    Default Amateurs getting paid - right or wrong?

    Should amateurs be paid a purse - yes or no?

    The very definition of amateur means they should not be paid, as in all other amateur sports. So, if you think amateur mma fighters who fight under whatever interpretation of rules you wish, should or should not be paid a purse, all I'm asking is what are your reasons.

    Personally, I think it makes a mockery of the sport when amateurs are requesting a purse to fight, whether no headshots, NSAC/UAR rules, if the sport is to move forward in recognition and professionailm, there needs to be a clear definition between the two codes, and that includes a sound amateur base just like in boxing.

    Amateur ranks are deemed as the lace to learn your trade. Professional is where you're supposed to get paid.

    Promoters I feel should stop paying purses for amateurs. By all means cover expenses for travel and give ticket deals, but advertising purses for amateurs is a farce. Just look at Find A Fight to see the amount of adverts on there.

    What is the justification for paying an amateur to fight?

    Look forward to constructive comments from you folks.

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    ive repeated my views so many times and i believe mine are fair !!

    If it's an organisation looking to build and improve fighters and a platform to progress for fighters....
    definitely NOT.

    If it's 10 a penny show that promoters wack on to make a quick $$ and care little about the fighters/match ups blah blah if they are desperate for fighters i dont see whats wrong with small payment or INCENTIVE.

    You get nothing in life for free....and as i said before also , if girls in underwear prancing round and MC's who arent even good calling out a name get paid why can't the fighters be given a small incentive "Thankyou" , as the event wouldnt be possible without them.

    And the justification is usually semi pro/nsac rules where they have a fighter whos sold a lot of tix and need a replacement.... If theyve sold 30 tix ( 600 quid...) would offering 100 quid for someone to fight make sense or refund all tix........

    MMA isn't governed...amateurs aren't protected or treated well for the most part....there is to many variables but the short of it is, if it's a non profit ORG out there to nurture talent then no payment should be made ! But how many of these shows in the uk are there really....

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    Didn't surprise me the lack of response on this one, seems to me the whole 'purses for amateurs' situation is increasing, in which will probably have a drastic effect on upcoming amateur development.

    You make some good points Dan. Two-bit shows I could understand fighters wanting a fee of some sort but it's just becoming more and more prevalent.

    If uk mma is to develope it needs an amateur structure and a professional class. The scene already is bad enough with every promoter issuing his own titles, etc, without minimal experience fighters fighting amateurs and getting a wage for it.

    By the way, who are the organisations pushing the amateur scene? Are amateur cage battles up and running now?

    Any others? Would be interesting to hear their thoughts.

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    I think Amt MMA fighters, should fight to learn, not just for money. Some show in the UK are getting taken for a ride by fighters......
    The AMT Boxers from my gym in Norwich fights and have never got a penny for them fights, as they are AMT fighters. Some have had over 60 fights. Plus they bring there family and friends to the shows they fight on. They are there to learn there trade and test them self to see if they got what it take to go PRO.
    The only time i think fighters should get some help is on travel. If fighters are traveling a good distance they should get some help.
    I find the show that pay AMT fighters never last and struggle to get fighters anyway. Plus with show starting every day this dose not help things.
    Plus if you get paid to fight is that not classed as PRO ??? As Pro sports men/ladys get paid to take part ????
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