hi all

i am not a fighter or a boxer i have never done any form of martial arts although i am in need of relieving stress
through boxing

My older brother is diabetic and is extremley rude, unsocialable, and fustrates the hell out of me and my mum and drives me crazy where i want to kill him
but due to his illness (he also eats only unhealthy food and is very unfit its not fair to take his bait and knock him out) i want to be able to take it out on a punching bag and not his skull!

firstly i want a bag that i can make a slight impression on and move a bit but not too much (im 19 just short of 6ft and about 11st) again im not expierenced although i can look after myself.

also my my mum is willing to help me i have about 60 to spend on a basic setup e.g. bag bracket gloves but dont want this to be a waste of money.

also my mum doesnt want this bag to damage the wall ( she knows it must be drilled into something like the ceiling or the wall and yes i want it in the house in the spare bedroom) is there a way to do this because these bags can be heavy and could cause damage to the wall. im not a builder either but this may sound silly but there is the wallpaper the plaster and the brick (just incase that is usefull to know lol)

these are two sets i like because of price and deals although preferably id like a chin up bar fitted aswell as i enjoy doing them



if these are unsuitable for indoors or do not suit my build ect your thoughts will be appreciated