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    Im considering crossing over from Boxing to MMA basically because i am annoyed with the politics in Boxing and the am boxing scoring system is a joke(imo) however their are a few things putting me off crossing over and thats without me not having a clue where to start.

    1) My Weight im 57kgs 9stone soaking weight so i dont know if this will affect my chances of competing as i noticed the UFC only has a limited number of flyweights and i dont know if this is representative of the whole mma scene.
    2) I am not physically strong, i do have good punching power especially for my weight and could easily hold my own in sparring with boxers up to 67kg but my actaully physical strenght isnt too good and do get thrown around in the clinch quite a bit.
    3) I have no grappling experience and dont know how much time i would need to become adeqaute to compete at novice amateur level.
    4) My age 22 years old now is it too late to start something this serious? However im keen to learn give 100 percent in whatever i do and my fitness is excactly where it needs to be.

    A friend of mine tried to persuade me to go to a gracie ju-jitsu school in kensal rise when i was living in London in 2009 but at the time i was boxing and believed it wouldnt be beneficial to me to start a martial art in my late teens damn i wish i did now, anyhow thanks very much for listening and look forward to hearing honest replies from people on here and look forward to discussing MMA with people wether i go on to compete or not.

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    You'll be fine. Find a reputable MMA gym in your area and start training - deal with possible problems if they arise, don't let anything stop you doing MMA because there's a slight possibility they may arise.

    With a boxing background, you bring more to the table than a lot of beginners so don't worry and your age isn't an issue.

    Do some heavy lifting too if you think strength and size is a factor. Try the stronglifts 5x5 routine, good for a starting point.

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