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    Default The Kimura Trap System

    If you have followed the grappling circuit for awhile, you are probably familiar with the name David Avellan.

    As a 4xADCC World Championships veteran and 2009 Bronze Medalist, David has beaten some of the best grapplers in the world such as Alexandre "Xande" Ribeiro, Tarsis Humphries, Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu, Rener Gracie, and Rafael Lovato Jr.

    It is pretty amazing that he hasn't gotten more attention from the grappling world as one of the few Americans to do well in International competitions, but that is about to change.

    David has been working on an instructional course that he says is going to revolutionize MMA called The Kimura Trap System.

    He sent me over preview video which has some footage from his instructional course and competition highlight and... NEED to see this because it looks amazing and I can't wait to see more!


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    the guy that acted like a bitch when rousimar tapped him twice

    I remember this fag yeah

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    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this will revolutionize nothing. -

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    Someone just watched Sakuraba or a Catch video for the first time? Lol

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    Haha its hardly new or revolutionary but pretty slick all the same... Alan Belcher been pushing it like mad on Twitter!

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    erm... been using that for years!
    Watch Sak V Renzo, same move, different setup. Works from lots of posi

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    Chris Brennan has got loads of material on this which has been out for ages. Nothing new here as much as they would like to believe (the same way the Lloyd Irvin mouse trap series is nothing new- albeit shown better than i have seen anywhere else). I really like the Avellan bros but this is Lloyd Irvin marketing 101. Dont mind people doing dvd's and trying to make $ but it makes me laugh when words like revolutionary get put out there.

    Good luck to them, great grapplers who definately have my respect.

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    LLoyd Irvin / Dan Kennedy marketing all the way, (revolutionary, renegade and guerilla are some of their favourite tried and tested words) they build lots of lists with free info, hit them up for every possible sale of dvd's, courses etc. Long sales emails, lots of respected people saying how good it is (who will soon enough bring out their own stuff and get reciprocal plugging), sell it at a vastly reduced price for a short period of time only, and then use any un sold items as a sweeter on later product releases.

    After some sly little plugs and mentions Lloyd will finally reveal the secrets of his medal chasers drilling program in a highly anticipated dvd release, which will be heralded by a lot of emails etc.

    Whatever you think about the product they know how to push it and sell it.

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    As Firebird said Chris Brennan had this stuff on an instructional dvd, I watched it 4 years ago at least.

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