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Thread: Trapbar V's Olympic Bar

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    I've recently started dealifting with a trapbar and find it a lot better/stronger form wise, however a lot of guys can't see past their Olympic bar and say the trapbar's not as good. (although their arguement seems to be that they don't want to change rather than bomechanical reasons).

    Feels great to me. Anybody any experience of/theories about this?

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    I prefer using the trapbar over the standard BB; I find there's less risk of injuring myself when going heavy as I'm less prone to try and lift with my back if my hips are struggling with the weight. I also find it easier on days I'm having trouble getting warmed up and not feeling that flexible.

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    i dont think its better as such, just different.

    trap bar deads bring in more leg and glutes into the movement over the straight bar but you can handle more weight (normally) with a straight bar.

    depends on you training goals and technique i suppose more than which one is actually a better exercise.

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