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Thread: Vision NoGi, 1st September. Kelvin Hall. Glasgow

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    Default Vision NoGi, 1st September. Kelvin Hall. Glasgow

    Vision Grappling will be holding a NoGI comp during the day at the Kelvin Hall International Sports Arena in association with the Vision FC "Evolution" MMA event.

    Tickets for the NO-GI Comp are available here:

    The Show will be in the evening at the same venue so will be a great day of combat sports. Prizes from our sponsors will be provided for most divisons and goody bag for ever person signing up.

    25 entry in advance online.
    30 on the day.

    Vision NoGi Grappling 1st September

    Kelvin Hall International Sports Arena


    Weight Classes;

    Beginner (under 1 year exp) Intermediate (1-3 years exp) Advanced (3 years + exp) Veterans (35+) U76 & +76kgs (mixed levels)

    5 min rounds, points scored the whole match

    In the event of a draw the referee will decide the winner, finals will have 2 mins overtime. If still a draw, first person to score wins.

    Points are awarded as follows;
    2 - Takedown
    2 - Passing the Guard
    2 - Sweep
    4 - Mount
    4 - Back Take (2 hooks in)
    1 - Advantage point for close sweeps, passes and sub attempts.

    All positions must be established for a minimum of 3 seconds for points to be awarded.

    When Changing positions points will be given in accending order.
    ie, no points will be given if moving to side control from mount.

    Reversals are NOT considered sweeps. Sweeps must start from a guard position.

    "All fighters will get 2 fights minimum"
    If you lose your first fight you will get to fight somebody who also lost their first fight.

    07792046231 but sign up online.


    FIRST FIGHT 10.00ish



    All chokes (except using the hand to close the windpipe)

    All armbars, shoulder locks, wrist locks

    Straight leg and Ankle locks (no twisting)


    All neck cranks.

    No bending of fingers or toes or small joint manipulation.

    No Heel Hooks or Toe Holds.

    No Striking, biting,pulling hair, grabbing ears or scratching.

    No touching the groin area.

    No holding of opponents clothing or using t-shirt to choke opponent.

    No slamming of opponent (elevated takedowns are allowed)


    Shorts or leggings and t-shirt, rashguard or bare topped. No GI's or loose fitting trousers allowed. NO WRESTLING BOOTS (sorry)

    If a fighter breaks the rules he will normally be given a warning, if he breaks them again he will be disqualified.

    Serious fouls, ie striking, or dangerous techniques will result in immediate disqualification.

    Winner will be decided by;



    Refs decision

    Fighter must engage before pulling guard. (no just sitting and butt scooting)

    After a take down or guard pull, fighters are allowed to stay on the floor if they wish.
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    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    Also added veterans cats (over 35 years), u76 and +76kgs
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    Just over 2 weeks to go Sponsors are providing tee shirts to all entrants and prizes for most divisions.

    Register here;
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    You can still register online or you can pay on the day.
    Weigh ins between 8-10, also now beginner, intermediate and advanced levels as well as a masters (over 35) division.
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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